Why is the sadness in the lives of good people?


            Why is the always sadness in the lives of good people?


      Friends Often we have seen that always in the life of good people, there is always much sadness. He does well but sadness comes one after another. Every time we get such questions that they do so well, why do they suffer in their life? What is the reason for this, and if that does not get the answer, life becomes sad and misery. Friends, if you have such a question all the time why my life is so hurtful? What is the reason? Why is there so much sorrow or challenge in my life, then you can read this article full. 

     Friends, the first thing to know is that life goes through its rules and does not run with our desires. The way the road has its own rules, then the rules of the road must be followed by adopting the rules of the road. Increasing chances of access to other hospital. In the same way, the rules of life will also have to be acknowledged as we have to understand. happily or otherwise will increase the trouble. Friends, whenever you are in pain or trouble, you have to remember some  these things. Remember these some  things I'm sharing with you definitely it will help you.

    Whenever you are going through bad times remember yourself and say that life is never bad, life can never be inferred. Life never wants to do wrong with you. Life does not have any personal enmity  from you.

     If life gives you a challenge,sadness,then life wants to clean it with you or someone else or some kind of Personnel account, and if you want to remove it, then you will come to relaxation, otherwise it is the extreme responsibility. Will remain.

    If this is not the case then the second reason is that life only wants to give you greater responsibility in the time of the future, and if life still wants to give you a greater responsibility then before that you can fulfill the responsibilities of those responsible. You want to improve your level before that.

     After improving your level of life in some way or not, life want to give that responsibility to you, otherwise I will not be able to handle that responsibility. Before that you want to go through any of the toughest training, then you know that I have a good time, either my personnel account is being cleared, life  want to give a great responsibility to me. Because of this, I want to pass this lesson to this training, which I have learned.

    Friends, wherever you are today, whatever level you have in life, at whatever level you are, you will also have to go through some of the toughest settings, which will increase the level of your sense of your understanding of your maturity today. You can hold it.

    If you had not experienced your fearfulness, then today you are also here to fulfill these responsibilities which you do not do. It means that if the increased responsibility seeks life, you select it, you want it to be fulfilled through you, then it is the responsibility to fulfill it.

    Life fulfills your responsibility to improve your level, increase your maturity, increase your understanding level, and increase your maturity level, understanding so that you can fulfill that responsibility somehow Have to go through training.
   Life is never ruthless for anyone Friends, Life always wants to involve all of us, wants to improve our level, she is playing her responsibilities but we do reject  to her. Resistance will be as much as to life or culture, from the inside we become weak. The greater the acceptance, the more we will be blissful and stronger than inside. Be prepared to undergo any situation. 

    I want to say that learn to accept the acceptance of life. If you do excuse, you will be happy or else you will feel sad. Life creates bad conditions to strengthen you, you just have to accept it and move on. Respect the life, accept the situation of life. if we want to live better life we have to go through it. 


       How do I feel my article? I hope that I should have liked well, please like it. 

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