Why do people suffer in life?


                      Why do people suffer in life?

                                               Why do people suffer in life?

     I am sharing today this with  you people , why do you have to suffer in the life of a person? What is the cause of grief? And why does sadness in our life mean so much? Keep reading this important thing that every person should know.

    Have you ever thought of or saw tree plants, cropped in the field? Do they ever have to face the grief of their life? Ever wondered, without rains can ripen in the rainy season? No no They will not get stronger without rain and they can not come properly. In the same way, in the life of a person, there is sorrow for strengthening the person, we have to fight fearlessly. Otherwise the sorrow will overwhelm you and you will fall in depression. 
    Man's fall only occurs when he does not handle grief properly. The whole life goes into the same thing that why my life is so sad. The smart people know what to do because of the misery and how to implement it. Sorrow can be of any kind. if someone has a financial problem, then someone may regret the breakup. It is clear from the fact that the Universe wants us to have a message that your heart is very emotional. You are not worth it right now. But what we do is blame the situation or any person's own grief. Miss that universal message do not conquer grief if you have time, then grief will prevail over you.It is absolutely true that it is not possible to have happiness in every single life. Everyone has a severe grief and happiness in life.

   First of all, remember that the sadness of the coming, we do not want to snatch anything. It is just the message of a universe. If you have time to improve your habits or improve your condition then you will be able to move forward. But many of these ignore the message of Universe. We are the reason of our grief, to blame someone is not the right thing to do. Sadness means the warning. Prepare yourself in such a way that you can not fear any kind of grief. He learned to cope well so that the timing could prove to be better. 

    We think that there is so much sadness in my life. Conflict is a way of living life. Nothing is achieved without conflict. Suffering keeps coming. But a person who refreshes himself in every situation, is successful in life. So friends, if you want to be successful in life then welcome the sorrow and say that this time will also go and the coming time will be good for me. Keep yourself happy in every situation and learn to live in the present. Change yourself over time, because change is the rule of life. Learn to walk with the times and do all sorrow and suffering. Happiness definitely comes after sadness. So learn to be patient and follow each step with each other.
                                   never say that why suffer in my life

           The same goes on in life, not with the hope of defeating someone but playing with the expectation of himself. Because the person who draws another's foot never goes ahead in life.

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