HOW TO STAY HEALTHY ALL TIME

     It is very important to keep yourself fit and fit in today's run-down world. Health is like Wealth. Unless we lose it, its value is not understood. Today i am going to share some things health related which will help you in future or keeping fit yourself so lets start.

1. Sleep on your left side

  Recent  studies have shown that sleeping on the left side of your body will result in better nights rest as well as other health benefits .This picture clearly shows why we should sleep in the left side. Such as impaired digestive blood flow can be stopped and many types of diseases such as heartburn. By keeping left side, good helps in digestion, according to the stomach acid.



     Regardless of drinking plenty of water every day in our living life, it is not enough time to drink more water. But many people do not know that there are many benefits of water. People drink a little bit of water or just drink thirst when they drink, which is not right for health. You keep some such reminders in the day that you can remember to drink plenty of water. Our body is 70% made by water so you can feel the importance of water. Drinking water increases digestion, the food is properly digested and the body feels too. Drink at least 5 or 6 liters of water a day. So drink more water and stay fit and healthy.


     To stay healthy according to the WHO (World Health organisation) we should have to run 8000 steps daily. How many steps do you run everyday? Most people will not be able to answer it. You can use a fitness tracker app to see how many steps you can run. Find some excuse for walking. Move the . If your job is on a distance of 20 minutes then you can go for the replacement, taxi, bus. It will be your zeal with you and you will also be a good friend, With this, you can guess how many steps you have done every day and how much you should run.


      Ayurveda has said that the root of any disease is our stomach, if our stomach is healthy, then it will be able to keep the body also. And to keep the stomach fine, it is most important to keep no junk foods and digestion power right. If you chew your food 32 times, you will get lots of help in digesting. Even if you eat junk food 32 times, it will not look delicious. But as much as eating any healthy food will taste as much as you eat. If we take a habit of eating this 32 times a day, then do not even mind eating junk food. 50% of the food should be in the mouth and 50% in the stomach. Then your digestion will be fine and it will be only 32 times chewing. If you do, May Definitely say that your review will improve and day by day you will start to stay healthy and fit



    If you have all your close friends who are called junk food for which laziness means cool and exercise means boring, 10,12 cigarettes and colorful party in the day, they live such a lifestyle and you are in their company, chances are you Even if you have such friends, on the other hand, if your friends are like health cones that people exercise everyday, as junk-food is able to do as much as possible, chances are that you too are like them. Try to adapter the system, so your most close friends with whom you spend most of the time in the day, if possible, like those who are health reasons, who know that health is also this wealth and they practice it too Otherwise, if your home's freeze is packed with a lot of Cad-bury and Col-drinks, stop doing so.Because if you are living in such an environment, it is worthless to try to stay healthy. because it is very impossible to maintain to fit healthy in that environment. Create such an environment around you that you can always make weight to stay healthy


          So  friends loved me so much to get this information to you. And May medication that whatever league they read, they will adopt these habits and keep themselves healthy. Friends, if you like this article, do not forget to like it. And commenting on such updates to be updated.

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