importance of "TIME"

      Do you know what is mistake of man that he has many time to do things?  But at the same time using very little people.  The time consuming ones succeed and they give time to time for those who postpone the time.  Many people push today's work tomorrow and they stay home and work.  Pushing today's work on the ground means laziness.  Such people do not know that there are not coming tomorrow and when time comes, then the time has passed.

     Then what exactly is this time?  Why the man has the importance of time?  Time to understand the importance of time?  Who does not understand?  Why time is so important in our lives?  Here are answers to all the questions .. Stay tuned.
     You can get it very easily at the time, but you can not make him a servant to a limit, because time does not stop for a while or wait for someone.  You can not spend or save time on time.  If the time is lost, you can not get it back.  You have  been sleeping for 23 years of life.  When the time is not useful to you, then after leaving the work, we know the importance of time, only those who know the train, the bus is delayed by 1 minute, the importance of time is good knowing that when the boss swears for come to  late.  Ask for a second prize that was worth the accidents.  Sometimes you lose your favorite person, because you did not give you time for that person.  There are fixed times of every thing in life.  A person born dies after a certain amount of time.  People have been swept away in selfishness or have no time to devote their lives to their lives.  Then he goes on mourning for the time gone.Time is too expensive.  You have to take time as much as you want.  Time is never seen but it is shown too much. 

Sometimes you we seems that we have time to time, but time goes over to think about it.  Sometimes we have been so absorbed in talking to the other person that I do not know how the time has elapsed. The lover was very involved in the love of love that how long they spent together with each other seemed too short.  We are so engaged in thoughts that the time is gone.  Therefore, enjoy the joy of every moment of life. You can get a glimpse of your life at that moment.  Life is so beautiful and the time to come in life can be happiness or sadness.  So give importance to time to your people.  When a person's precious time disappears, you know.

Lastly, the feeling that these days time is money.  If you use that money properly, time will appreciate you. If you misuse time, time will kill you. 

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