Everybody knows that not only improve personality but  we can develop the personality in ways    we previously did not understand,or believe possible.

                                                  WHAT IS PERSONALITY? 


 Personality means that typical pattern of human thinking, his feelings, his behaviours, his attitude makes person unique.

when people says that 'good personality' that mean they are likeable, interesting. however the personality  is vital better than good looks.

 for build the personality we have to ability to improve personality as much as we want.


  1. A good listener- Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis considered as one of the charming women in the world because she cultivated the skill  of being exceptional listener. she would look into the eyes of person and hang on their every word, and make them feel important. the person in front should think that we should give importance to his speech.

   2.Read interesting books and expand yous interest- Read interesting books that will learn something new. when you meet new peoples it gives you opportunity to share what you know to exchange your views them.


  3.Live with positive attitude- When person thoughts are negative then surrounding around negative. Be with positive person and stay with positive person that will make your thinks stronger than before. always keep smile on your it by looking for the best in people and things.

 4. Meet the new people- Everyday meet  such a new peoples those who unlike you. its not only expose you different, it broadens your

5. Treat people with respect- When you learn to respect, you automatically receive respect from others. Nothing improve personality than integrity and respect. being honest person and true to your word will bring to respects from others.

6. Wear attractive clothes- Wearing attractive clothes is most popular trend of personality. Your personality appears on your dressing and speaking methods. It doesn't matter that you are rich or poor. personality is depending on your talking skills and dressing sense.

7. Do meditation in a day- Meditation is not only key of success in spiritual life. meditation improve your health day by day and improve your overall personality. start to do a meditation in day. it is better way  to built our mind to improve our personality.

8. Support to others- Be supportive of others. Being supportive of others is probably good quality you can integrate your personality. Always be supportive of needy persons and it will definitely help you to grow your personality.

9.Keep your mind tension free- A mindfull thoughts never makes any progress. When you are worry free your mind is fresh and when you feel relaxed, you are not worried about anything and when you are not concerned, real personality development happens.

thank you guys


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