life quotes for all time

                                         HAPPY LIFE QUOTES


1. Life is like a mirror. Do not to be  too serious, and do not understand it much easier. Everyone here has been successful, but he survived that which changed his time with time.

2. The one who understand the importance of time succeeds he only for all time. The incoming time does not return and time remaining  is not recovered. so change your self as time.

3. Do not be afraid of failure, it is your first step in success. People who are afraid of failure never grow up.
4. Do not find reasons of failure in others, it is hidden within you. Find out reasons for the mistakes made and correct those mistakes.

5.  The man who has good habits, never knows the wrong doing. Changing your habits will change your  life.

6. A man who does  a good job by looking forward to rewards does not have a good mind always. So stay in the midst of such a mans who is working with an intellectual mind.

7. A love made by heart is infinite lives but a love by mind does not live for a lifetime. So if you love someone do it by heart do not by mind.

8. 1 wrong thought is equal to destroy of 1000 right thoughts. so always think of positive  and act in your life. do not demotivate your mind by wrong thoughts.

9. Life is never come back again so enjoy the every moment of life. 

10. Do not reminding of the past so that we do not enjoy the things that are going on the present time. Always live in present.

11. The money earned by the theft has ended with theft so earn money from the right way.

12. The person who makes others happy never gets hurt, and the one who keeps unhappy to others never live with happy.

13. Live the life with dreams, the man without a dream is like burden for the earth.

14. Believe on your self, because we are creator of our mind and our habits. If you do not believe yourself then you never succeed. 

15.The ultimate truth of life is enjoy every moment of life and spread the love to others and achieve the pride because only the peoples who are sent by money will die by empty hands.

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