Why do we get cheated in love?

Why do we get cheated in love?

     When it comes to love then many people feel bad whose hearts are broken in love. Before love, it is very important to understand the concept of love, which nowadays young generation does not want to understand it. Because nowadays love means only sex, romance. Girls want a partner who loves her with heart and soul. Who appreciates her feelings. By accepting its independent existence and never holding it in its bondage. Love is hidden in this word only, those who do not understand this word correctly mean they often become victims of cheat.
      Love means compassion, mercy, forgiveness. We tend to doubt more than love. The person who loves more in deep, gets the most pain. Love is also an energy. Energy is never bad or good. How to use it is in our hands. There is stability in love. The one who loves more deep can know this stability. Those who love more than they always get the risk. Because there is a saying that one wh…

Why do people suffer in life?

Why do people suffer in life?
     I am sharing today this with  you people , why do you have to suffer in the life of a person? What is the cause of grief? And why does sadness in our life mean so much? Keep reading this important thing that every person should know.
    Have you ever thought of or saw tree plants, cropped in the field? Do they ever have to face the grief of their life? Ever wondered, without rains can ripen in the rainy season? No no They will not get stronger without rain and they can not come properly. In the same way, in the life of a person, there is sorrow for strengthening the person, we have to fight fearlessly. Otherwise the sorrow will overwhelm you and you will fall in depression.      Man's fall only occurs when he does not handle grief properly. The whole life goes into the same thing that why my life is so sad. The smart people know what to do because of the misery and how to implement it. Sorrow can be of any kind. if someone…

life tricks- How to overcome loneliness.

life tricks- How to overcome loneliness.
      Friends, today I am telling you something that everybody has trouble with. Actually there is no problem but many people consider trouble or loneliness. Many people are afraid to live alone and there are few people who feel happy living alone. Some people have the strength of loneliness. I'm writing this article for those people who are afraid of loneliness or believe it is difficult for them to live alone.

 Loneliness is a part of our life, just as good times, bad times, happiness and sadness, keep coming in our lives. The problem comes when this part seems to make a whole life. Then it is not only a part of the part, but it becomes a deep problem for the whole life. Loneliness can be too much. Being attached to friends or family members, failing in goals or, having a breakup with someone. and many more.Every thing has a limit. The problem occurs when these limit crosses. Loneliness is not bad in itself until it becom…

Why is the sadness in the lives of good people?

Why is the always sadness in the lives of good people?

Friends Often we have seen that always in the life of good people, there is always much sadness. He does well but sadness comes one after another. Every time we get such questions that they do so well, why do they suffer in their life? What is the reason for this, and if that does not get the answer, life becomes sad and misery. Friends, if you have such a question all the time why my life is so hurtful? What is the reason? Why is there so much sorrow or challenge in my life, then you can read this article full. 

     Friends, the first thing to know is that life goes through its rules and does not run with our desires. The way the road has its own rules, then the rules of the road must be followed by adopting the rules of the road. Increasing chances of access to other hospital. In the same way, the rules of life will also have to be acknowledged as we have to understand. happily or otherwise will increase the trouble.…



     It is very important to keep yourself fit and fit in today's run-down world. Health is like Wealth. Unless we lose it, its value is not understood. Today i am going to share some things health related which will help you in future or keeping fit yourself so lets start.

1. Sleep on your left side   Recent  studies have shown that sleeping on the left side of your body will result in better nights rest as well as other health benefits .This picture clearly shows why we should sleep in the left side. Such as impaired digestive blood flow can be stopped and many types of diseases such as heartburn. By keeping left side, good helps in digestion, according to the stomach acid.

2. WATER DRINK REMINDER      Regardless of drinking plenty of water every day in our living life, it is not enough time to drink more water. But many people do not know that there are many benefits of water. People drink a little bit of water or just drink t…

True but bitter truths of life


 1. Peoples are also weird, beggars sit outside for begging and rich peoples in the temple.

   2. Those who had coins, they were roasting in the rain and those who had notes in their pocket kept searching the roof.

  3. No one will escape alive from here. Life does not need to take so much Serious Friends, it is belief  that clay grip is strong.

  4. To enjoy the journey, keep aside the stuff and enjoy the life, keep your expectations  low in the heart.

  5. A person should not be too honest. Straights tree are cut first and honest people are screwed first.

  6. Never share your secret things to anyone, once day it  will destroy you.

  7. A man is great by deeds, not by birth.

  8. Even is snake is not poisonous to be venomous.

  9. Time perfect men is always destroy them.

  10. Accumulated wealth is saved by spending just as incoming fresh water is saved by letting out stagnant water.

 11. As soon as fear approaches near, attack and destroy it.


importance of "TIME"

Do you know what is mistake of man that he has many time to do things?  But at the same time using very little people.  The time consuming ones succeed and they give time to time for those who postpone the time.  Many people push today's work tomorrow and they stay home and work.  Pushing today's work on the ground means laziness.  Such people do not know that there are not coming tomorrow and when time comes, then the time has passed.

     Then what exactly is this time?  Why the man has the importance of time?  Time to understand the importance of time?  Who does not understand?  Why time is so important in our lives?  Here are answers to all the questions .. Stay tuned.

     You can get it very easily at the time, but you can not make him a servant to a limit, because time does not stop for a while or wait for someone.  You can not spend or save time on time.  If the time is lost, you can not get it back.  You have  been sleeping for 23 years of life.  When the time is …